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Pips Collector

Pips Collector
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How Much Is Forex Success Worth To You ?

Forex trading systems:

  • Are often too complicated…
  • Have Ambiguous entry and exit rules open to interpretation.
  • Demand Hours and hours of technical analysis and checking charts.
  • You have to be Chained to a computer screen all day trying to analyze every little move in the market.
  • Have  Frustrating trading rules that require way too many judgment calls.

Yes, Forex is a risky place…but when you put the pieces together, it can potentially be your personal ATM machine and the truth is…

  “95% of Forex traders Lose… 5% WIN”.

 Well, these 5% are those that did their homework… they were able to separate B.S. from what’s real…

With your permission

I can teach you how to follow tried and trusted methods, so you will know exactly when to enter a trade and when to get out taking maximum profits each time. Knowing how much of your capital you are risking beforehand.

There’s no need to master your “gut instinct”, go through learning curves, or spend time trying to learn worthless discretionary systems.

I’ve already done ALL of the hard work for you,

After months of arduous studying of statistics, and applying formulas we developed and honed to perfection, into a simple and straight-forward Indicator.

A system which only takes a few minutes to setup.
A method where the superb results can be enjoyed by everybody.
A plan anybody can follow, even if you’ve never traded Forex online before.
And most importantly, a process which you can adapt into your everyday life.

I have already shown over 2,500 Forex students the path to success, and have now decided to release the ultimate Forex Indicator…

It’s time for you to put an end to the lies and failure – and experience the thrills of seeing my specific formula turn simple trades into instant income

Imagine a world in which…

You can make more money on Forex each and every month than you ever did on your day job.
You’re able to trade without anxiety, tension, or fear.
You become the sort of trader who has unlimited confidence and who’s makes the right decision time after time.
You can cut your losses to a bare minimum both in size and frequency.
You’re able to spend less time on trading while making more money.
You have a real edge over other traders in the market
You can boost your profit potential by more than 100% and make thousands of dollars each year on Forex

This amazing indicator works for all traders, fresh as well as veteran and I can give you undeniable proof for that.

Each time there is a new signal, PipsCollector will give you a visual and sound alert!

When you open a trade, PipsCollector will show you all the important parameters of the trade in real time!

And those are just a few of the many examples for the use of my methodology.

Just see the results you can get when following the buy and sell signals of Pips Collector:

What Will You Receive After Purchase ?

  • Pips Collector Indicators (1 x MQ4 and 5 x EX4 Files)
  • Pips Collector Template (1 x TLP File)
  • Pips Collector User Manual (1 x PDF)
  • Bonus - Trend Bricks Indicator (1 X EX4 File)

Buy With Confidence


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