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Forex Pips Hunter

Forex Pips Hunter
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Profit is just like a capricious lady, that comes and goes, however today, the PROFIT can be BOUGHT! Having installed Forex Pips Hunter just once, you assure yourself of a long-awaited source of income. WHY? Because of some reasons listed below. Forex Pips Hunter...is....

The product that conquered the hearts of some of the world’s best beta-testers.

The product that redefined the definition of Real Success.

Fully automated system that combines some of the best qualities of the modern day software.

Moreover... Forex Pips Hunter has the most recent and highly unique Algorithm, that beats all records today and will be no less successful five years down the line...


HOT NEWS: Forex Pips Hunter 3-days performance (Oct 29...31): + $561,54

EURUSD: +$101,10

EURJPY: +$262,44

GBPUSD: +$198,00

TOTAL:3 trading days, +$561,54 profit, 11 trades, 9 profitable trades in 100% AUTO-MODE
Sounds good?

You’ll be making consistently anywhere from 700 to 1300 pips per month, while feeling COMPLETELY CONFIDENT AND SAFE ABOUT YOUR INITIAL DEPOSIT.

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EURUSD: + $2,400

EURJPY: + $4,365 GBPUSD: + 2,032

How Forex Pips Hunter operates: 

A system that’s at the core of our Forex Pips Hunter is based on analysis of medium and long-term market tendencies.

Just like a true hunter, Robot analyzes trends for a previous month, a week, a day, as well as opening and closing levels and highs and lows for a preceding day. Bouncing off a Pivot Point, a Robot calculates levels, that once achieved, are translated as being optimal for opening Buy and Sell orders. Analyzing market’s volatility, our Robot calculates Stop Loss and Take Profit levels.


Therefore, the Robot computes all necessary parameters for orders. Thus, a trader has no need to go deeply into all the intricacies or inner workings of the system. After opening an order, Forex Pips Hunter very diligently continues to follow the latest market developments. If it becomes necessary, a Trailing Stop may be activated – something that won’t allow for monetary losses when there’s a reverse market activity.

In part due to a “sniper-like” computational precision, we’ve managed to attain a super-low possibility of monetary losses during a trade

Losses are very infrequent and even if they occur, profitable trades overshadow them.

Robot’s Main Properties:

Complete and total automation. It computes on its own the current time and time difference between GMT, then also, on its own, it calculates the best time for opening and closing orders, Stop Loss and Take Profit levels.

It’s extremely professionally executed product and it’s best suited for amateur traders, who don’t want to get too involved. You may not know the first thing about Fibonacci, Oscillators and Ichimoku, however it won’t “protect” you from turning profits.

Installs in just 5 minutes (plus 1 minute for reading User’s Guide). All other adjustments will be made by Forex Pips Hunter.

Up to 60 trades per month
Up to 1500 pips per month
EURUSD, EURJPY, GBPUSD pairs, any brokers
H1 timeframe

50% deposit growth per month – and that’s the bare minimum (with almost always doubling of your deposit)


What Will You Receive After Purchase ?

  • 3 X Forex Pips Hunter Robots (3 X ex4 Files)
  • Forex Pips Hunter User Manual (pdf)
  • Super Bonus - Ultra Scalper Version 2 Trading System (3 X ex4)
  • Super Bonus - Ultra Scalper Version 2 User Manual (pdf)

Buy with Confidence


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