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1 Minute Pips

1 Minute Pips
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Dear Frustrated Trader,

Forex is dead!

“Robots” have failed...

“Automated systems” keep losing...

“Signal services” consistently provide bad trades...

You’re not making the pips you want in Forex, are you?

If you were – you wouldn’t be reading this page right now ...searching for an answer.

Give me less than 3 minutes and I will prove to you that you can be trading profitably in under 17 minutes!

You just want a simple, easy solution to making money in Forex (and you’re fed-up with over-the-top promises that are always broken), right?

Yep, just like you, I’ve seen it all too...

“867 pips a day...”

“$xx,xxx in just 3 weeks...”

“My uncle is a million-dollar Forex trader for a big bank and he showed me their ‘secret’ software...”

What a load of garbage is out there in Forex!

When I started out in Forex many years ago there were a few “less than honest” people selling products – but nowhere near as many as there are now.

It was hard to learn Forex on your own back then because there was very little information.

But now it’s probably even harder to learn Forex because...

So what’s left for you in Forex?

Well my friend, I think you already know the answer to this.


Listen - the reason everything you’ve tried so far in Forex has failed, is because you’ve relied on someone else.

I’m sorry, but that’s really the truth – somebody has to say it.

Let’s face it - I have nothing to lose by telling you this but...

Reality is... trading is about you.

It’s not about “follow-the-next-guru” ...or “buy-another-magic-bullet-system”.

I mean – you can do those kinds of things if you want, it’s your money.


I’m here, talking to you right now, as a trader.

I trade Forex intraday – and have done so for many years.

Make no mistake, I did not hit-the-ground-running.

I was frustrated for a long time – I bought some awful systems, blew-up a few trading accounts and I gave up completely a number of times!

But, in the end...

I knew somewhere, deep down – that it was my true calling ...and that I would someday finally master it.

It took a little longer than I thought (partly because of the garbage “systems” that misled me when I first started!).

But now I’m finally at a place where I’m happy with my trading.

But here’s the kicker – how I trade now is simpler than I ever thought it would be before I started.

That’s only half the story though... the system I use allows me to trade with extremely high accuracy...

And that’s without using large stoplosses.

Surprisingly enough... the size of my stoplosses are quite often less than 10 pips!

And if that’s not amazing on its own – most of the time...

Well, believe it or not, this really is the case.

You think I’m lying, don’t you?

Okay, listen – I’ll tell you right now how I do it...

I trade the low timeframes. More specifically – I trade the lowest timeframe – the 1-minute.

I trade only this chart. The reason I stick to this timeframe is that I prefer the...

It gets even better... when you trade like this – there will be no big swings in your trading account.

You never have to watch on as the market steals back your open-trade gains.

When the trade-setup occurs, you... Jump in. Ride the momentum. Grab your pips.

It’s a quick trade – so no frustration waiting to see if the market is going to go your way ...or reverse and slap you in the face!

Because I make my pips from the 1-minute chart – I call my system: 1 Minute Pips™

What Will Your Receive After Purchase ?

  • 1 Minute Pips Strategy (PDF)
  • 1 Minute Pips Template (TPL)
  • Exclusive Bonus #1 Session Time Indicator (Ex4)
  • Exclusive Bonus #2 Bar Timer Indicator (Ex4)
  • Exclusive Bonus #3 Sunday System (PDF)

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