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100 Pips Forex Gainer - NEW (2012 + June) By Karl Dittmann

100 Pips Forex Gainer - NEW (2012 + June) By Karl Dittmann
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100 Pips Forex Gainer - NEW (2012 + June) By Karl Dittmann

100 Pips Forex (FX) Gainer

The first FX indicator that senses the price move
1-2 barsin advance and gives the most accurate
enter buy or sell signal before anyone else is in the
market! Almost no risk: The signals are only
generated after an iron clad double
confirmation is received...


The “100 pips FX gainer” is a complete trading tool designed primarily to trade the FX markets fully and consistently. The indicator based on a special system that predicts the price movement in advance! The main principle of the indicator is price action system + custom mt4 indicators - All in one! The hit rate of the indicator is about 85+% in most rencies, and higher in the rency pairs recommended in the next chapters.

Get the Key to a Phenomenal Forex software discovery. This indicator provides only extremely profitable signals! Stop losing money - Instead, make 100+ Pips every single day..

Works on any day trading timeframe and any Forex pairs
I guarantee: The "100 Pips FX Gainer" software does NOT repaint!
This Indicator works on Forex pair + ANY Stock, Currency, Commodity, Bond, ETC..


What you will receive after purchase

  1. 100 Pips FX Gainer (2 x Ex4 Files for 4 digit and 5 Digit Brokers)
  2. 100 Pips FX Gainer User Guide (PDF)

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