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50 Pips Set and Forget Secret

50 Pips Set and Forget Secret
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50 Pips Set & Forget Secret

Each day something unreal takes place in Forex that gives any trader a fantastic opportunity to make 50 pips at the same time on a daily basis.
Just get this automated set and forget trading secret and make yourself rich!

erewrwreToday, I'll show you something that you never dream of ...

The secret mechanical trading system is a unique and powerful set and forget system which will eventually put an end on your everyday hard-endless trading sessions within the market itself and therefore allow you to walk in and out at each time having a considerable amount of profit in your possession. Nobody however can argue that there’s anything certain in Forex, but saying that, applying this unique system on your trades you stand more chance of winning in Forex than any other tool ever been used in the history on Forex trading market. You will be able to see yourself the dramatic change in your profits once you start trading with this amazing tool.

I'll discover simple, easy-to-understand, easy-to-use and astonishingly effective technique that help you jump in and jump out of the market Automatically.. by setting few simple orders. wrewrwere

Time has come for all of you to really get down to business and start earning some serious money in Forex. Finding a way to increase your profits on the market not just by a tiny percentage sounds like a big deal doesn’t it? Sure it does! Now it is possible thanks to our unique tool never seen in the market before.


Stats August 1-31, 2012 - single pair EUR/USD

(Important:  use the system on 2-3-4 pairs at the same time your profit potential will be 50-150 pips a day!)

August 01  -16 pips
August 02  trade not auto executed - no signal
August 03  +20 pips
August 04
August 05

August 06  trade not auto executed - no signal
August 07  +10 pips
August 08  +10 pips
August 09  +42 pips
August 10  +24 pips
August 11  
August 12 

August 13   +40 pips
August 14   +24 pips
August 15   +16 pips
August 16   -12;  +24 pips
August 17   +24 pips
August 18  
August 19  

August 20   trade not auto executed - no signal
August 21   +18 pips
August 22   +22 pips
August 23   trade not auto executed - no signal
August 24   +20 pips
August 25  
August 26

August 27   trade not auto executed - no signal
August 28  +10 pips
August 29  -9 pips
August 30  +18 pips
August 31  +22 pips

Total: 16 wins  =  +344 pips
           3 losses =  
-37 pips

There is 1 set and forget trade per day per 1 pair. Make sure to use the system on 2-3-4 pairs at the same time your profit potential will be 50-150 pips a day!

Don’t believe me? Don’t forget that in order to become a successful trader and thus start making serious profits in Forex, you must use tools and systems which are simple to understand and use but mostly tools that you can entirely rely on. For this reason with the introduction of the secret mechanical set and forget system is it now possible in implementing an effective technique which will put you a step forward in achieving what you needed all along in Forex market. Profit and more profit!

Set and Forget System Trading represents the state of the art in rule based system.  My simple system actually set in an automatic mode to control trade order entry and execution.  The system must be used with an existing trading platform connected to an online broker. 

The System is 100% mechanical and doesn't need any tech indicators or other tech materials...it can be used by anyone... even beginners.

Totally Set and forget - perfect for people with 9-5 job...

Make money EVERY DAY in your life. An amazing system which can make profit on daily basis has eventually been unrevealed.
It turns out that systems which are easy to understand and use are the best in terms of making profit in Forex. Taking into account traders’ knowledge and experience into this field for years now, it turns out that complicated tools and sophisticated technical analysis were not ever needed when it comes in trading successfully in the Forex market. The most effective tools are indeed those which are easy to understand and manipulate. Systems which are themselves simple to use and been well tested prior to their publication in the market are those which indeed can make the difference and thus make you become a successful trader with countless profits.

So what’s this all about?

Well, being able to make a daily profit of 50+ pips every day is what the secret mechanical trading system is capable of in an amazingly easy and smart way never seen before in Forex. That’s absolutely fantastic!

With this imaginable and extremely easy to use manual strategy, you won’t believe that trading can be so easy and profitable for you. You can now spend no more than 5 minutes and generate up to 100 pips on daily basis. Can you actually believe that? I can hardly believe it myself but i would suggest that you try it out yourself and find out!

No more in having to spend countless hours in front of your computer screen trying to figure out things. Now you don’t have to.

 All you have to do it’s simply place your orders and walk away.

Give it from a few minutes to a couple of hours and eventually find out that up to 100 pips have been generated for you. Isn’t that fantastic? Just a matter in fact, using this unique system can be perfect while you are in a full time job as you never have to spend any significant amount of time in Forex with it. Just simply place your trades within minutes and get you profits later on. Now is that easy as never done before!

NEW Update Sep 25th:
 The system is equipped with a built-in orders/levels automatic calculator tool:

You don't need to do any math or levels calculation - just enter the prices and all necessary numbers
will be instantly calculated for you automatically:

- Stop loss level

-Entry levels

- Take profit level

- Risk:reward ratio

Set and forget! Setup requires 1 minute only!

Are you once more disappointed in Forex?

I am pretty certain that all of us been disappointed in Forex once too many times. Isn’t that right? However, why is that? Is it our way of trading within the market itself or is it due to the fact that we rely on Forex tools which are inadequate in terms of generating profit? Have you been purchasing a variety of many different books and indicators known to man and you’re still stuck at the same point? Why haven’t your loses been reduced? That’s all good questions! What If you had the choice of changing your boring and miserable life to a wealthy one in an easy way, what your choice would be? I know what you thinking. “Oh no, here we go again.” Don’t worry. I don’t blame you at all. I know where you coming from!
Don’t get me wrong but taking into account traders’ community knowledge and experience into this field for years now, it turns out that the reason that most of us would once more be unsuccessful in Forex it’s due to incapable to use Forex products being used in the market. If you are one of those struggling to make money in the market, don’t worry. You are at the right place. With our system there’s neither a big deal nor a big effort in making all the money that you need in Forex. The solution you so long been looking for is eventually here.

Could one system by itself make the difference?

You have never thought of a Forex automated system being able to give you all the solutions in your financial problems, did you? It’s very doubtful that this would be possible isn’t it? At least that’s what most people would think reading this text. Even with the best Forex equipment nowadays, no tool could ever come close to such an achievement. How would it be possible in making money every time you trade in Forex? Most of you would at least assume that it’s too good to be true but let me tell you that the time has come for something that will revolutionise the Forex market. Now with my secret mechanical set and forget system you are now in charge to make all the profit you have ever imagined in a way that could never been easier in the history of Forex. Finally put an end in your everyday struggling boring life and move forward to something that you never thought you could achieve.

Important: making money in Forex requires something unique!

If you spent many years in Forex, you must have then learned some life lessons like all highly experienced traders have. If however you are new in Forex community, here’s a fundamental advice to your benefit. Soon or later you will discoverer that most strategies used on the market nowadays are obsolete and therefore cannot make you the profit that you really need. My trading experience has made me fully aware on how the market works.

I can fully guarantee you that what really can make money for you in Forex, are not the typical well known sophisticated strategies traders mostly use but instead simple hidden (secret) strategies.

 Believe it or not, once you start trading with my simple strategy you will be completely amazed on how much more profit you will be able to gain much easier than ever done before.

With a 100% pure mechanical trading system your now - stress free!

If you are a long-term trader and thus around Forex for while now, you then must be already aware of the precious advantages a mechanical trading system has to offer. Highly experienced traders do indeed appreciate the validity of a mechanical system over a non mechanical one. No need in using neither complex indicator tools nor any other kind of Forex analysis tools in order to successfully make your profits. Having a system which is a mechanical from nature implies that certain simple rules have to be followed in order to successfully trade. There’s no discretion or judgement. Just simply follow a simple procedure and forget about the rest.

So, what is that?

The "50 Pips Set and Forget Secret" is in fact 100% pure mechanical system which itself implies that all trading rules are very clear. Secondly, can you really imagine not having to watch your trading position at all? Now you don’t! Any trade can automatically hit the profit or stop loss without having to worry about constantly watching the market itself. Isn’t that fantastic?

Get rid of the BIG FEAR of “loosing”. BUILD UP YOUR TRADING CONFIDENCE like never before and let your profits freely flow..
We all have been down that path, haven’t we? The fear of losing always occupies us when trading, since our emotions are always running high. This results in ruining our profits every time and makes us to start all over again. OWW, doesn’t that make you angry? I bet it does! It makes us all very angry and frustrated. However, this is all changed now. With our new unique system, your fear will gradually diminish as you will never experience what you have so long been. Start using this mechanical system and eliminate any fear in trading like never before. My system is exactly what you need in order to build up your confidence and reject your fear of losing at all times. Being in the right state of mind is considered to be one of the most crucial factors for a successful trading career! Don’t believe me? Ask your fellow traders and they will tell you.

No more keep watching the market. Use an automated way (set & forget) of trading like never seen before in Forex.

With my new secret mechanical trading system it is now possible of not having to constantly keep watching the market. Now you can simply get yourself all relaxed as trades can be carried out in an automatic fashion way.

Just simply place your orders and feel free to do anything you like without having any concerns about it whatsoever.

 Now, you can enjoy your friends and family as never before, and thus spend your time elsewhere as there’s no need being all the time in front of your computer screen trying to make the best out of it.
At last we found a way to give an end to this trader’s boring duty and we are absolutely delighted about that. Why not have your personal life and do all the things you like instead of constantly having to follow this boring procedure? For this reason, my new system was exactly designed in order to lift off this huge weight of your shoulders and therefore allow you to act and behave like a sociable human being with different desires and hobbies. Now is possible in doing that thanks to this amazing simple set and forget strategy never seen in the market before.

2 major principles that have worked with the markets since trading was born: secret market timing and smart money management.

No big deal and definitely not much hassle anyway. Just follow a simple strategy and make lots and lots of profit as you never have before. Revealing my brand new secret mechanical trading system is once in a lifetime opportunity for all of you traders around the world! This unique tool which was built from scratch is both profitable and easy to learn and use. It’s definitely something which cannot be experienced in your everyday life.

Don’t forget, the "50 Pips Set and Forget Secret" is definitely NOT:

  A simple breakout system

A candlesticks figures system

  A typical indicator which will attempt to randomly predict the market

  a useless automated trading robot EA that never worked for anybody 

I would simply call it a MONEY MAKING SET & FORGET MACHINE which can be used by both professional and newbies’. Its simplicity is beyond any trader’s imagination and here’s how easy it is start trading right away.

Simply follow only 3 single steps:

  Open a chart of your choice.

  Please 2 orders.

  That’s it. Automatically start getting pips generated from a few minutes to a couple of hours at the very most. You trade will be closed automatically! Set and Forget!

Can it really be that simple? Believe it or not, with such tool NOW it is!
Yes you got that right. Now it’s that simple. Unbelievable isn’t it? I know what most of you would think. Is it truly possible? Yes, absolutely, with the secret mechanical trading system it is. Unless you don’t get your hands on it you will never experience what you missing. That’s guaranteed. Following something as easy as never seen before was our primary purpose. Can you really imagine something so easy would be so profitable? Find out yourself once you start using this absolutely amazing tool, and trust me you will be amazed big time!

Don’t forget that:
Our initial development plan concerning this system was based on its effectiveness and simplicity in the market. Having something with can be both profitable and extremely easy to use; it’s something which you won’t encounter in your everyday life.

Just bear in mind that the secret mechanical trading system:

• Involves no trading robots, indicators or any market analytics.
• Is Platform Independent.
• No need in watching the market.
• Is perfect even for a full time job.
• Is suitable for any trade’s experience level.
• Is guaranteed to produce 100 pips on daily basis.
• Needs no more time than 5 minutes per day to make a profit.
• Gradually diminishes all of your fear.

The "50 Pips Set & Forget Secret" That:

  Uses No Boring guides 

Potential profit 50+ pips per day 

  Uses No ANY Indicators or tools!  

No trading experience required at all 

Setup requires only 5-7 min per day 

Perfect for people with fulltime job 

No watching the market anymore 

Set & Forget trades -Stress free 

Works at same time every day! 

Works on any trading platform 

Uses Absolutely No Analytics 

Uses No Auto trading robots 

  It's simple like 1+1=2  


Even if you are new in Forex, now don’t worry

Did you know that traders’ main concern is their inadequate knowledge of how to use Forex tools effectively?. We have taken into consideration this issue and now with our unique easy manual system no experience is neither needed nor knowing any technical experience whatsoever. No matter how experienced you are, you can now trade successfully using our unique tool within minutes.
However we did not stop there. If you’re an experienced trader, you must be already aware that any usage from typical Forex tools has become kind of boring. Now, there’s no need in using multiple trading tools nor keep spending your time trying to deal with them. Simply use one unique universal tool and get all the work done fast and simple.
The secret mechanical trading system is by far the easiest tool to learn and use in no time and its now is your time to get out of the loophole.

Start trading differently and enjoy the rewards now
Certainly get to trade different than any other trader does and get to enjoy all the rewards from it. Just remember that it’s not the mostly well known trading strategies that will get you what you want, but instead a unique simple one extremely easy to understand and apply within minutes in Forex.

We've found the loophole that nobody knows yet!

Using trading strategies that 99% of traders use will not make you successful, I GUARANTEE that. It is using strategies that ONLY 1% of traders use that will make you more successful in the Forex trading business than you have ever dreamed of.
Now simply use one single tool and get to follow the simplest strategy ever seen which is unique to its kind. With the "50 Pips Set and Forget Secret" there’s no more random guessing and definitely not more spending of your precious time wondering around the market. Generating 50+ pips every day it’s the best and easiest trading solution you could ever had and not some kind of boring market analysis tool that will put you off. Start trading with this fabulous trading system now, no matter how experienced trader you are.

Like most of you, I spent thousands of dollars on Forex trading products. Did it worth it after all?
Unless you are an experienced trader for years now, you would so much easily think that the higher the price of trading software, the better and most effective it is on the market. I don’t blame you. I have been there myself, and that’s what it seems to be the most rational thing that goes through your mind. You would so easily think that expensive software which is usually more sophisticated would do all the magic and thus generate you higher profits. Is that correct though?
From my experience, I can tell you that the more sophisticated the software is, the more confused you will get by spending more and more time trying to figure out things on how to make the best possible trades.

Easy to follow rules. As simple as 1 + 1 = 2

High Quality Trades: "50 Pips  Set & Forget Secret" gives you the power of 10 years of trading experience - in the distance of a click. Much research has been invested in "50 Pips  Set & Forget Secret", to make it the best set & forget system ever.

What Will You Receive Aftwer Purchase

  • 50 Pips Set & Forget Secret Strategy (PDF File)
  • 50 Pips Set & Forget Secret Calculator (Microsoft Excel Files - xls)

Buy With Confidence

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