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Bull Pips Currency Trading System

Bull Pips Currency Trading System
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Bull Pips Currency Trading System

Home of the BullPips currency trading system for forex and other financial instruments.

Do you want to actually start making a profit from the markets? (Of course you do – you don’t trade for fun right?). Are you already profitable but want to improve your returns further?

Maybe you are looking to get into trading but haven’t got a clue where to start?

Then take a few minutes to read below and see how BullPips will help you extract pips from the markets with pin-point accuracy on a daily, weekly and monthly basis. It’s time to trade smart – work less and earn more…

The BullPips method gives you a simple understanding of how to profit from today’s financial markets. No matter what technical knowledge or experience you have, or even if you have never placed a trade in your life – you’ll be guided to thrive in the markets regardless.

Have you ever felt like making money from currency trading is an elusive pastime reserved only for those in “the know”? It’s the hardest “easy” money you’ll ever make right?

Wrong. It’s the easiest “easy” money you’ll ever make – when you know how…

BullPips will show you that it is possible to make a living from trading – one with almost unlimited potential and earnings. We are a motivated bunch of traders willing to show you that you don’t need a college degree or be a statistical genius to trade effectively.

Get the right tools, the correct setup and the right guidance and the world is your oyster! That is what you get with BullPips.

  • Solid technical foundation – the included indicators automatically calculate mathematical Fibonacci number sequences and a multiple CCI (commodity channel index) display for your advantage (note that BullPips does not use lagging indicators);
  • Learn to easily identify trade entry points – no guess work is needed – the currency trading system clearly defines when to open trades;
  • No technical analysis skills required – just follow what you see – new traders and old pros will feel right at home;
  • Low risk, high reward trading – good money management included;
  • High probability entry points – a clear edge that can be used on multiple currency pairs;
  • Follow the market – easily identify turning points and trends to profit from;
  • Tried and tested – use a trading methodology that actually works and is easy to implement;
  • Support – 100% help, advice and support for as long as you may want it

Here are some typical trade entries that you can be looking forward to profiting from time and time again. You will grow to be excited about these setups as you will soon learn how fruitful they are…

These are typical profitable entry points from BullPips – laser targeted trades are easy to find! Here the market is trending nicely, though BullPips will help keep you out of ranging periods.

The BullPips currency trading system is not the ‘holy grail’ – if that’s what you’re looking, prepare yourself as you’ll be looking for a long time! We provide a real, no-fluff, simple and effective trading strategy that anybody can follow with ease.

Make no mistake, BullPips is not a brainless trading “robot” nor is it a method with a thousand indicators and chart tools that will hinder rather than help. It is simply a vehicle to empower you with the ability to make a very positive change to your trading future.

If you have been struggling to make a consistent profit or simply want an easy way to trade and make a regular, fruitful income, then we look forward to welcoming you to the BullPips community. Click on “Add to Cart” now to ensure you get the introductory offer!

What Will You Receive After Purchase ?

  • BullPips Indicator (2 x MQ4)
  • BullPips Template (1 x TPL)
  • BullPips Supporting Document (PDF File)
  • BullPips Strategy Guide (PDF File)

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