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Covert Pips Gainer

Covert Pips Gainer
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Covert Pips Gainer

It's that simple - that quick - that easy - and I can show YOU exactly how to work this manual strategy in less than 20 minutes everyday - with a 92.7% win rate—no matter how many times you've lost money before or even if you've NEVER set foot in the FOREX market in all your life!

You Now Can Have All the Most Powerful Strategies and Tricks Packed In a Complete Forex Trading Course That Will Help You to Rake In Cash From the Forex Market  Consistently- Average $4,000 Or More Per Month!

Trading, My Friend, Is Now Child's Play!

Imagine a hands-free, stress-free money-making system that...

Is perfect for YOU if you work 9 – 5; a 7am - 3pm; 11am - 7pm; 4pm - 12am--or whatever--it makes money at ANYTIME of the day... make money before... after... or during work hours!

Is 100% mechanical... so simple... no complicated stuffs... it's just "if A then do B" - even a child can follow!

No black box here! Everything in the systems will be explained in details including the logic behind! This is to make sure YOU can become an independent forex trader!

Lets you make BIG money in less than 20 minutes everyday! Up to 400 pips or 4000$ per day!

Is designed for fresh, new forex traders or frustrated veterans who’re looking for consistent, reliable returns!

Integrated with advanced money management rules! Stop loss rules will be explained in details!

Works in any country with any forex broker!

Works with any currency pairs – flexible enough enter any market to snatch pips that are waiting there. Why bank on trading opportunities in one currency pair when you can drain several pairs everyday!

Requires no fooling around with economic news or a host of technical trading indicators and tools!

Doesn’t need much capital to start with - $100 is fine!...and...


"Your Lifelong Access To Sure,
Guaranteed Income Is Now Granted!"

Here is your chance to make money at will.

To just look at the chart on your screen and tell with immediate confidence where price will be headed.

This is your chance to turn every single day into payday outside of your regular salary.

Imagine coming home a few hundred dollars richer every day... the whole thing happened while you were out!

All because you followed my simple instruction and spent 15 minutes during the morning, setting up yourself for the day.

You could take the day off from your regular job to take care of some personal business and you would still have made money!

You could have been on vacation, sleeping, somewhere in the Caribbean...and you'd still have made money!

Imagine making more money on vacation than you would at your regular job?

It's possible. Very, very possible.

And with Covert Pips Gainer, I'm going to show you how.

What Will You Receive After Purchase ?

  • Cover Pips Gainer Auto Instaler (1 x EXE)
  • Cover Pips Gainer Template (1 x TPL)
  • Cover Pips Gainer User Manual (1 x PDF)

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