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Pipjet Forex Robot - Expert Advisor (EA)

Pipjet Forex Robot - Expert Advisor (EA)
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That Went From $1000 – $35 000

How PipJet Worked For Me

You might not know this, but computer language was invented by a physicist. In fact, almost every piece of modern computing you use today is rooted in physics. This is something I love about the Internet and about automated programs like PipJet. They don’t run on emotion. They operate on statistical algorithms and make the best decision possible based on the numbers. And we’re not just talking about a trend of 1s equaling a 1. Designed by real Forex traders and using a physics-inspired algorithm, PipJet spots numbers to the thousandth and is able to work up a statistical probability for what it will trade on the USD / CAD currency pairs.

Instead of volume trading that might work out on a 55/45 basis, if you’re lucky, PipJet does away with that outdated approach to Forex gambling (which is essentially what those other robots do). You see, an old robot would just trade its butt off and perhaps bring you out a percentage point on the winning side after risking most of your money. PipJet doesn’t bet your money first. It doesn’t throw everything into limbo as it continues to spin. It instantly (well, computer geeks shouldn’t say “instantly”; let’s say “incredibly quickly!”) spots trades in the USD / CAD and subsequently only trades with what already has the odds in its favor. So instead of trading volume, the system trades for accuracy.

This part of the system is a huge upgrade from MegaDroid. PipJet went into development in early 2010 and the main goal was to turn the proprietary technology of the RCTPA system into a money-making system. RCTPA stands for Reverse Correlated Time and Price Analysis. In other words, it’s an extremely sophisticated AI system that deals with numerous trades and prices simultaneously, working out the odds as it goes. Only in PipJet, the money doesn’t need to be risked until the trade is in your favor.

How the system worked for me is pretty straightforward. I downloaded it from the site, installed it on my PC, changed a few settings to make sure that it was only trading X amount of dollars from my account, and I let it run for a full two days (trading times dependent) before checking back in on it. After the end of that two-day cycle, I was up $72. Now, that doesn’t seem like a lot. But it could have been -$72.

What I Love About The Forex PipJet EA

PipJet was fairly priced when it didn’t have to be. Because MegaDroid was one of the most successful EA bots in history, PipJet could have been a few hundred dollars and people would have still purchased it.

Then there’s the whole support thing. If you’re not well versed with Forex trading and EA bots, you may need some tutorials and some support to get you going. PipJet comes with a lot of helpful support if you need it.

The predictability and accuracy of PipJet is better than the previous bots I’ve used combined. And that’s even speaking for the MegaDroid bot that came out before. PipJet is able to hone in on winning trades in the USD / CAD like no other system out there.

Easy to install, inexpensive, able to operate on its own, predictable and reliable, and extremely careful with the money you put in – those are the nontechnical aspects of PipJet that everyone will love. On the more technical end, the RCTPA and advanced AI systems are unparalleled in their respective field. So all in all, PipJet is a solid bot that I love to use.

What Will You receive After Purchsed

  1. PipJet User Manual (PDF)
  2. PipPjet Expert (MQ4 and EX4)
  3. PipJet Libraries (dll and dat files)

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