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Forex Indicator Predictor

Forex Indicator Predictor
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Forex Indicator Predictor

  • Discover exactly what they don't want you to know.
  • The Secret System I've used over the last years and how I made millions of dollars in the Forex market.
  • The first version of my system took 2 years to create and I have since developed it over 5 years. I will give you my system that took 7 years of development. This predictor Forex System will let you understand the trends of the market, predict whether the price will increase or decrease then decide BUY or SELL and make trading decisions like a Professional Trader.
  • With it, you could be the next millionaire in the Forex market.

Why is the FIP (Forex Indicator Predictor) suitable for all traders?

In the forex market there are 3 types of traders:









If you are scalper, day trader or long term trader, the FIP is for you. It will give you an overview of the market and the trends, and also predict the future of the price whether it will Increase or decrease - and let you decide like a pro.

30 seconds to understand the FIP SYSTEM: BUY when you see the green arrow and SELL when you see the red arrow .

Example for scalper: 5min time frame

When I trade like a scalper, I can make $200++ (20pip on a Standard lot) per order very easily and I have a lot of trading opportunities every day.


Example for day trader: 1H time frame

And when I trade like a day trader I can make $1500++ (150pip on a Standard Lot) per order easily and I have many opportunities per day using my robust Forex system.


Example for long term trader: Daily time frame

And when I trade like a long term trader, I can make $5000++ (500pip on a Standard Lot) and I have between 3 to 8 trading opportunities per week.

What Will You Receive After Purcahse ?

  • Forex Indicator Predictor Indicator (1 X Ex4)
  • Forex Indicator Predictor Template (1 X TPL)
  • Forex Indicator Predictor Library (1 X DLL)

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