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Forex Moon Secret

Forex Moon Secret
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Forex Moon Secret
A breakthrough system, it was first praised in the traditional mainstream world of Forex and subsequently for its extraordinary and immeasurable input in the evolution of scientific developments.

We did the impossible! We’ve managed to tread where no one in the world of Forex establishment has even dared to set their foot in.

Absolutely sensational results – the ones you can utilize immediately. The direct impact of lunar activity on major trading factors has been proven!

This is a Global revolution in the world of trade with the help of our Forex Moon Secret System.

Nov 28 News#1: How the MOON SECRET pays back and takes profit in JUST ONE day:

(lot 1.0)

how the system works: 

Step 1. Defining a starting impulse.
   In order to define the very first impulse used in the algorithm, a combination of a few built-in indicators is used, (particularly MA, RSI, Stohastic) and two proprietary indicators by Rita Lasker. Such a transition would allow pinpointing with exact accuracy the trend’s turn-around point

Step 2. False signals filter.
   Now, this is THE most important point! Everyone knows that there are plenty of indicators capable of defining a point of entry in the market.

   However, they are all faulty due to showing very high numbers of false positives. In that block all of the impulses go through a ‘logic-filter’ that at its core has our revolutionary and patented Forex MoonShift DS algorithm. This filter filters out roughly about 60% of false positives and does about 20% of time corrections.

Step 3. Sending a signal to a trader.
   Formed signal is being sent to a trader. The methods of notifications are extensively explained in the Signals section.

Who this system is for:

  • For all traders, who admire comfort and love being in good spirit
  • For all traders, who hate being jumpy, nervous, tired, having red eyes from lack of sleep.
  • For professional traders, aspiring to attain bigger and better things instead of working for pennies at hedge-funds.
  • For beginner trader, willing to receive the knowledge and turn profit instead of having a ruined health, broken families and being disappointed with Forex.
  • For traders being worn out by scalping and being tossed around from one system to the other – it’s time for you to relax. You’ve found what you’ve been looking for
  • Best manual Indicator based on Forex Moon Shift DS algorithm
  • EURUSD, H1. UP to 3-4 signals WEEKLY
  • Signals are valid up to 15-30 minutes, NO REPAINTING.
  • Stable 70% of accuracy due to innovative lunar filters
  • ALL types of notifications: colored bars, arrows, alerts and alarms, emails

The quality of signals

A picture’s worth a thousand words.

Let’s take a short time span: from October 16th through October 24th 2012. In just more than a week, Forex Moon Secret System has generated 295 pips of profit.

During the election period – a very complicated, quite unstable, unsettling and tumultuous period in the U.S., from the 1st through the 9th of November, the system has generated 308 pips of profit.

What Will You Receive After Purchase ?

  • Forex Moon Secret Indicator (1 x EX4)
  • Forex Moon Secret Users Guide (1 x PDF)
  • Bonus - Forex Best Secret Expert Advisor (2 X EX4 and 1X PDF)

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