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Forex Profit Magic

Forex Profit Magic
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Forex Profit Magic

FOREX PROFIT MAGIC – A Forex system that Matches your Personality and Tailored to Suit your UNIQUE Situation… So that You Can CONSISTENTLY Make More MONEY Trading Forex!

And here is how Forex Profit Magic is built to help you establish a profitable trading business:

Suits Your Unique Situation – We have 24 hours in a day (8 hours sleeping, 8 hours working and 8 hours doing other things).  So no matter how much time you have allocated to trade forex; Forex Profit Magic works with any time frame to suit all types of traders, Scalpers, Intra-day and Swing traders alike. Meaning you can trade as many times a day as you like or just trade once or twice a week/month.

Suits Your Budget and Goals – Now you don’t have to cry foul.. that you have a small trading  trading account. We have tested Forex Profit Magic by trading 3 real money accounts (an underfunded  $250  account, a medium $1000 Account and a well funded $10,000 Account )..

In-Built Money Management – Forex Profit Magic has inbuilt money management to limit number of open trades and lot size depending on available trading balance. This is not just some settings on MT4.. its a well thought out intelligent algorithm that automatically determines lot size per trade depending on a number of factors: Market Volatility, No of winners or losers recently closed, the amount of trading balance available, the number of open trades at the time, draw down limit, trading system expectancy and a few other factors are put into consideration.. This tool alone Inside the Forex Profit Magic is what makes this system to be the solution that many traders have been sub-consciously yearning for!

Maximum Gains Per Trade – Amongst other factors Forex profit magic is able to turn a 30 pip movement to be a 109 Pips Gain. This methodology is what inspired the name of Forex Profit Magic – As it Magically turns a small movement to be a Massive Gain! How the system does it, is our secret recipe. but I’ll give you hint: If a trend is confirmed in a given time frame.. Forex Profit Magic opens a successive trade after every one or two candles.. so a CONFIRMED  TREND of 30 pips can have 5 open trades and when trades are closed after change of direction. Each trade will garner a minimum of 15 pips + 10 pips or so in trailing stop per trade. THUS, magically turning  a simple move into increased Immense GAINS! on autopilot!?!

Profitability – 3 accounts on a scalping methodology and 3 Accounts Swing trading methodology with initial deposits of $250, $1,000 and $10,000 under each methodology and each account had over 100% gain in a period of 6 to 9 months.

What Will You Receive After Purchase?

  • Forex Profit Magic Scalper EA and Indicators
  • Forex Profit Magic Scalper + Template
  • Forex Profit Magic Swing EA + Forex Profit Magic Swing Indicators + Template
  • Forex Profit Magic User Manual

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