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Synergy Pro Trader

Synergy Pro Trader
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Synergy Pro Trader

Synergy Pro is like a well-engineered sports car for the trader – an efficiently designed collaboration of hybrid components measuring market dynamics intelligently, adjusting to trader demands with distinct selections and strategies, and performing with engineered probability precision. Sit in the driver’s seat, switch on your choice of strategies, and drive the market with greater potential.

Synergy Pro is the next generation of the Synergy trading method. It’s not the same as previous versions. Synergy Pro is a newly crafted Synergy design with redefined performance objectives, yet keeping the original principle of combining market forces of Price Action and Market Sentiment to produce higher probability trades.

Synergy trading method is introduced in the fall of 2005 at a Forex traders meeting in Houston, Texas. Over the next few months, the Synergy method gained immediate acceptance and was sought after by hundreds of Forex traders and various Forex trading groups in the United States and Canada.

What Will You Receive After Purchase ?

  • Synergy Pro Trader Indicators (6 X mq4 Files)
  • Synergy Pro Trader Templates (9 X tpl Files)
  • Synergy Pro Trader User Manual (1 X pdf)

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